I came up with the concept and designed this shoot to represent the relationships between the #generations of women in a family. It’s so special and beautiful to me. I Hope you love the images as much as I do. 💗

The Chapel 

Beautiful seasonal shoot just for fun! Yellow isn’t a very popular color and paired with pops of periwinkle added a little interest to break up the cream, green, and yellow.  

The Mill 

Mixture of foraged and flown. Mixture of dried and fresh. Diversity in textures is so wonderful.
Simple compositions with complex floral design. I did love this palette even though it was different than my original design. Sometimes it's better than what was originally planned and I've learned to be open when it comes to opportunities to design for myself.

Blue Egg Brunch 

A real tradition that a sweet local family does when one of the sisters got married. They celebrate well and beautifully and I feel like this should be a tradition all families should do!  

Mother’s Day  

A lovely heart felt shoot to celebrate Moms and document a sweet local family through their generations. I have been transformed since these days and this shoot holds more weight now than it did then. I can feel the love in this family. I can understand the love in this photo so much more now. The beauty of this hits me hard. Guys, this is a styled shoot but their love is real. This is a REAL family and they love deep. Strive for the deep love, not just the lovely. The deep love lasts, the lovely fades. 


This shoot was for a holiday catalog for a compnay we absolutly loved! Although they are no more, this shoot still holds a special festive spot in my heart.  —  ︎   ︎    ︎  —  405.534.4616