Alison Fleck

owner | creator of Juniper Designs

I moved to Oklahoma in 2003 to attend the University of Oklahoma. Starting out as a zoology major, I ended up graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design... because that makes sense? I'd like to say I'm pretty well rounded :) Design wasn't always the obvious choice but once decided it was definitely the most suited. It brought color back into my world. (I also met the love of my life in the college of architecture so that helped too)

Studying interior design made sense... I could harness the creativity that I craved while maintaining structure (codes, dimensions, geometry, design principles and elements etc.) to make sense of it all. I learned not only conceptualization and ideation but also how to work through the design process and, in my professional experience, how to execute it. After a few years of practicing interior design at both construction and architecture firms, I decided I wanted to go another route. I had worked as a floral assistant throughout college and always loved working with my hands. A sparked memory turned into a faint idea, which blossomed into a dream. Thank God for dreams and skills I could use to not only create custom floral, but to help people design custom events.

I love transforming spaces. It's challenging, fun, and no matter if it's the same space, there are a million different possibilities. The trick is finding out what you want and collaborating with you to achieve your vision. I want to find out what you want from your wedding or event, and help you get there in a creative and fun way, whether it's through beautiful custom floral or a unique space plan and details.  

Hayley Owen

studio director | floral engineer

A plains girl born and raised, I’ve lived my entire life under the wild Oklahoma sky. My childhood was spent collecting from nature, immersed in art projects and in words on paper.

I graduated from Oklahoma State with a degree in English and went on to work as Brand Manager of a local non-profit for several years.  Through that job I met my husband, gained valuable experience and found myself camping in African villages.  But while many aspects of that job suited me, sitting behind a desk did not.  

In 2015, I left to start a new adventure of self-employment.  There I cultivated my creativity through painting, home staging, and custom art projects. But after a year of self employment I started to crave a bit of structure and human interaction, which led me to pursue a bucket list item of mine: floral design.  I reached out to Juniper, and the timing and fit were perfect!

I have always loved art, nature and working with my hands, and my role as floral engineer combines each of those passions seamlessly. An introvert through and through, I love getting to play a behind-the-scenes roll to make people’s wedding day dreams come true.

When I’m not working, you can find me in the sunshine, drawing in my sketchbook, laughing with my husband, and surrounded by our pets.  —  ︎   ︎    ︎  —  405.534.4616