Floral Entrepreneurs

If you don’t have the time or money to spend on those oh so lovely but oh so expensive workshops this may be the perfect fit for you.We are so excited to announce the pre-launch of our on-line floral courses. These courses are for any floral entrepreneur, just starting out or experienced, who want to bloom in the market they are in. You will learn how to bloom where you are planted in business and design with our new Bloom Culture courses. These are tailored to giving you detailed information from budgeting your weddings to our design techniques and procedures. I have been in floral design for over 10 years and have owned my own floral design studio, Juniper Designs, for 6.

This course content on floral design helps floral designers learn how to advance their skills in floral design and grow their business in their designated market design flowers so they can grow your floral business in your local market, all without spending thousands of dollars! We understand you want to keep your hard earned money in your pocket but also branch out and get new experiences. Trust me, we get it. Those on location floral workshops are dreamy, we would DIE to go to all of them by our favorite industry leaders but we also understand not everyone can afford to do so. That’s why we created Bloom Culture, a series of workshop-esqu (is that even a word?) floral design courses to help you take root and bloom in your local market.

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DIY Wedding Floral

If you are a DIY Bride on a budget trying to figure out if you can do your own floral the answer is YES! We have designed tutorials just for you that you are able to tailor fit to your specific wedding needs. We talk with clients to get a feel of what you want, design your wedding floral recipes and source the floral you need through a sister company that ships direct.

I know DIY floral can be daunting and many brides don't know where to start, how to make a budget, how to pick the flowers they want (how the H do you pronounce Anemone?!) and lastly where on earth to get them from. So that’s where we come in. Let us do the hard work and you can just have flowers show up at your door! I’m in!
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