Juniper Services

In lieu of wedding or event ‘packages’ we price out items individually based on your style and desires. We would love to chat with you about your vision for your wedding or event, send us an email or give us a call!

Full wedding floral - includes Bridal party,
Ceremony, and Reception floral.

  • Minimum $5000 (exclusive of delivery and tax)

Wedding floral - includes only Bridal party and Reception

  • Minimum $3000 (exclusive of delivery and tax) 

**Email to inquire about custom pricing that may not fit within those minimums. For example, if you are having a small intimate wedding of 50 but need full wedding floral (items needed are usually less and will not require the $5000 minimum)


Helpful Information

The Juniper Designs Studio is located in the design district of Oklahoma City. White the studio is a perfect workspace to spread out and design, we prefer to meet our clients in a more comfortable setting and consultations are scheduled by appointment only. Please call 405-534-4614 or contact us here to make an appointment.

We would love to provide single arrangements for delivery however we are not always available to do so. Our floral inventory is usually ordered pertaining to specific events and/or weddings. It can’t hurt to ask but please know in advance we may not be able to accommodate your request. Please contact us to find out our availability and further information.

All vases used in your wedding or event can either be purchased or rented. Other vessels such as candelabras, candlesticks, lanterns, votives, and other specialty items used for table decor are part of our rental cost.

We book no more than one event each month. Customer care is top priority to us; taking on fewer clients means being able give you a more detailed level of service for your event or big day!  —  ︎   ︎    ︎  —  405.534.4616